Due diligence regarding specific product line

The objective is to highlight IP exposure for one specific product line of a company considered for acquisition, before deciding to evaluate the interest to generalize such work to all product lines.

The framework includes :

  • Extraction of specific IPs from the targeted company patent portfolio,
  • Evaluation, in detail, of such IPs for the product line,
  • Evaluation of worldwide IPs involved in this product line (not by company),
  • Evaluation of the IP Protection Index (IPPI) using a specific methodology (iPlife methodology) on detailed results,
  • Conclusion on why protection is sufficient or insufficient.

Due diligence based IP assets

Analysis of patent portfolio

Creating an argumented database

  • From a list of provided inputs, finding patent references from public data
  • Suppying texts mentioned above
  • Analysing the legal situation of each text

Technical analysis regarding texts / techno relevance

Risk analysis - Looking for dependencies in product portfolio

  • Trying to identify external components / technologies HW/SW
  • Results in terms of Risk analysis
  • Listing items with no reponse

Risk analysis - Searching contracts'constraints

  • Reviewing contracts of subcontractors, suppliers, customers
  • Results in terms of Risk analysis
  • Listin items with no reponse

Third party rights exposure risk analysis

  • Confrontation of the company patent portfolios after the merger / acquisition and the patent portfolio of the major competitors for the targeted products and other patent-holdres detected without necessarily being exhaustive
  • Synthesis in terms of risk of exposure

Production of a general synthesis Report.