Advice in innovation

You have specific needs and want to define a strategy to protect your know-how and innovations.

We can assist you in:

  • Deciding on the interest to file a patent, even before it is put in writting,

  • Selecting and optimizing the claims coverage to ensure a wide and sufficient protection,

  • Estimating your exposure with respect to patents owners (licence agreement needed for the development of a product and/or its marketing; risk of patent infringement),

  • Building up a patent portfolio according to your patent strategy (commercial, defensive or offensive),

  • Conducting an independant evaluation of the portfolio you want to acquire.

The service

When deciding to file a patent, and after iPlife has confirmed that your innovation can be patented, the iPlife expert will assess its technical and economic potential looking at five aspects:

  • General feasability,

  • Potential of innovation and its commercial value,

  • Current state of the art,

  • Identification of applications areas,

  • Registration strategy.

Whe then assist you in drafting the patent request before it is filed, including all detailed and relevant information, so that third parties have a clear understanding of your inventor rights.

Who it may concern

- An individual or a company with an idea of innovationand who does not know how to proceed, or wants to subcontract this service,

- An inventor or a company requiring a quick opinion before launching the patent process,

- An inventor or a start-up lacking the technical experience to determine the innovative character of an idea,

- The financials: Business Angels (OSEO in France for example),

- Universities and research centers.

Steps and value proposal

- Confidentiality and non disclosure commitment,

- Value analysis,

- Positioning in the economic context of the application area,

- Clear and documented recommendation, possibly leading to suggestions to improve the idea or the inductrial steps,

- Assistance proposal to ask for the financing of the patent application (interface with OSEO / DRIRE for example in France).