Why iPlife?


A patent right constitue a value for its owner :

  • For the company, it is an asset and a commercial weapon,

  • For an individual or a research laboratory, it is an asset which can be negociated,

  • The patent portfolio as well as the frequency of filing innovation, are good indicators of the company dynamism.

Moreover, every company should stay ahead of competition and project its assets by protecting and valorizing its innovations.


iPlife core activities

  • iPlife advises you as to the technico-economical interest in selecting the most valuable company knowledge (protected or not)

  • To challenge your solution in order to improve its coverage.

  • To validate a patent strategy (licensing, attack, defense, ...).


The above aspects are usually not taken into account by the inventors (who would like to have all their ideas protected ) nor by the patent engineers (who only look the novelty of the idea and patentability).

Our experts have years of experience dealing with all aspects of Intellectual Property.

One hour can be enough to get a first opinion from an independant expert !

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