Promotion of a patents portfolio

Following the evaluation of your patent portfolio and the regrouping of relevant texts per technology or per application, iPlife experts will recommend a promotion strategy taking into account opportunities and risks.

 Several strategies are possible:

  • Economic:

    • Transfer of intellectual property rights,

    • Licensing patents, know-how, trademarks or models.

  • Technico-economic:
    • Technical and scientific partnership, co-development,

    • Industrial, commercial cooperation, ...

    • Partnership,

    • Industrial and financial support.

The service

- Strengthen the technical and scientific know-how of R&D centers and promote them,

- Set-up coherent packages of texts (per technology or per application, for example),

 - Seek markets concerned by theses packages,

 - Prepare technical briefs on the value of the solutions of every package; build-up a licensing proposal brief for partnership or for attack, depending on the objectives,

 - You can decide not to exploit yourself your patent portfolio, but to:

    • "lease" your innovation(s), by licensing a patent to one or several interested companies,

    • Sell your innovation(s) through a formal sales contract.

 Who it may concern

- The owner of a valid patent portfolio (often supervised by a patent agent or firm), which is not or under exploited or which is related to a neglected domain, or forgotten by the owner,

- University laboratories: to promote these patents, or other discoveries still whithout disclosure (application and publication),

- Companies with a patent portfolio insufficiently managed in terms of potential value,

- Companies holding a patent portfolio related to activities already sold or abandoned.

 Steps and value proposal

 - Technical studies,


 - Light reverse engineering, or search for potential infringement,

 - Preparation of documents including data on marketed products and financilas aspects,

 - Collaboration with IPCs and lawyers specialized in intellectual property rights,

- Recommendation and support regarding proposed steps.