Litigation assistance

Infringement is a violation of an intellectual property right. You may want to use your patents portfolio either to defend it against your competitors or to retaliate.

We can assist you in:

  • Suing for infringement:
  • Attacking a third party using solutions you have protected, in violation of your intellectual property rights,

  • Defending you against a claim for infringement:

    • You are sued by a third party, pretending that your company violates its intellectual property rights. This situation is now very common, following the increase in intellectual property rights, notably in the United States, Japan and China.

The service

You can sue or have to defend yourself  for infringement. in both cases, iPlife provides value added services, as shown below, in association with IPCs or lawyers.

Who it may concern

  • Companies with a portfolio of granted or pending patents that want to prepare a docket to promote,

  • IPCs or patent agents or patents firm who want an independant technical opinion in our field of competence, to better promote their action,

  • Specialists in portfolio promotion seeking a mandate from owners, to promote their patent portfolio.

Steps and value proposal

Identifying signs of infringement and presenting related examples, based on the evaluation of the appropriate patent

  • Range, protection, domain

Setting up defense


  • Risk evaluation
    • Recovery of financial data, especially the ones related to the attack,

    • Identification of the potential target and assessment of the market,

    • Constitution of the valuable part of your own patent portfolio, and estimation of "reasonable royalties" which the claimant company can expect.

  • Preparation of data needed to face an infringement claim:
    • Find procedure flaws and inconsistencies in the opponent's statement,

    • Find technical interpretations which can cast doubt on opponent's arguments,

    • Analyse the patent portfolio of the claimant company to minimize its value (prior art search, ...) and look closely at the content of your portfolio to prepare a possible counterattack,

    • If necessary search within the attacker's products possible infringement of your own patent portfolio.


Setting up attack

  • Preparation of a docket based on data collected and the expertise of iPlife engineers,

  • Presentation of a recommendation strategy.