The team

iPlife experts are the right interface between technical and legal aspects to promote patents.

To carry out their mission, our consultants (most bilingual):

  • have worked in R&D (development and managing of successful projects with small and large teams always including innovation aspects),

  • have worked in intellectual property rights,

  • have reconized expertise in their domain,

  • are well aware of confidentiality issues which they apply daily,

  • offer a great flexibility in their cooperation on a daily or overall basis,

  • are graduates from major schools and international universities,

  • IP inventors and IP international manager.

Areas of expertise

  • Telecommunications:

    Radiocommunications, wireless telecommunications and their vertical applications in many sectors (transport, aeronautics, distribution of energy, safety, ),

  • Internet:

    Access, transport, Quality of Service (QoS), ...

  • Applications:

    Video on demand (VOD), e-commerce, location services, Call Center, Web TV, Instant Messaging (IM), Digital Right Management (DRM).


Access iPlife network federates many experts, covering technics and leading technologies.