iPlife in the value chain

Several contributors are part of the value chain : the inventor himself, the patent agent (IP counsel [IPC]) to apply for a patent registration, or the lawer when it comes to matters of infringement (defense or attack). In any case, our experience in products enables us to work with the inventor himself or his company, in collaboration with the IPC and / or the lawyer.

  • The inventor or the patentee company:
    iPlife can formulate an independent opinion, using the iPlife network of experts.

  • iPlife engineers:
    experts in patents, they have the technical know_how of both the domain and related patents.

  • The IP counsel (IPC):
    a professional, engineer and/or jurist holding a specialized degree.  He (she) is able to formulate the patent application, or build up either the defense or the attack for the lawyers themselves, using the strategic recommendations and technical data provided by iPlife experts.

  • The lawyer being the only one authorized to intervene in a court of justice, the technical support brought by iPlife is crucial.