Evaluation of the patents portfolio

You are aware of the innovative characteristic of your company and/or you want to know the value of your patents portfolio.

We can assist you preparing a value docket.


The service

iPlife proceeds with:

- The evaluation of your patent portfolio in our area of expertise,

- The quality assessment of this patents portfolio so that you can promote it,

- The constitution of a folder for expected negociation,

- The presentation of this folder to the IPC or to lawyers.

 Who it may concern

- Companies with a portfolio of granted or pending patents,

- Companies who intend to acquire a patent portfolio, but want to know its real value beforehand,

- Companies seeking a mandate to promote a patent portfolio.

Steps and value proposal

Evaluation of:

- The coverage of the patent,

- The potential infringement,

- The difficulty to show evidence of infringement,

- The probability to find or not prior art,

- The risk assessment for the company (in case of counter-complaint),

- The analysis and synthesis of the positioning of your existing portfolio in its environment.

Preparation of "claim maps" for IPCs (detailed claims analysis, including, if necessary, comparison with related products and/or standards).